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Stream 2-1: IP Mentorship

IP Strategy – Mentorship

Receive up to 8 hours of 1:1, dedicated mentorship on your IP strategy, through a business lens and perspective.

If you want to integrate IP principles into your overall business plan, assess your existing IP strategy, or prepare to approach a legal service provider, this program is for you! You will work with a mentor at a partner organization and receive individualized feedback through regular meetings.

Please note: mentors are business professionals who have completed our tailored IP training, however, mentors do not provide legal advice.


All startups that meet basic eligibility requirements are eligible to register or apply.

Eligible activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Reviewing commercialization strategy needs 
  • Assessing an IP strategy within your business’ context
  • Helping you hire or work with a legal service provider
  • Preparing for your meeting with a legal service provider

How to apply

Register on the application portal, complete our IP assessment, and let us know if you’re already working with a mentor in an accelerator organization. 

If you are not currently working with a mentor, we’ll try to pair you with someone who is in your region or who can offer the best expertise for your specific tech sector. All mentors must be associated with the AccelerateIP program.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Stream 2 FAQ

Can I choose my mentor?

You will be paired with a mentor at a partner organization. If you’re already working with a mentor at one of the organizations connected to the program, you can request to stay with that mentor.

Will my mentor sign an NDA/Confidentiality Agreement?

Mentors are not bound by a confidentiality agreement. Only non-confidential materials, particularly those related to intellectual property, should be made available to mentors. Should Participants wish to share confidential materials, they do so at their own risk, shall mark the materials as being confidential, and seek out separate confidentiality agreements with mentors where possible.

My lawyer is going to charge me for a quote, will the program cover that?

We do not cover costs for quotes – most lawyers will provide a basic quote free of charge.

I already paid a lawyer for strategy support, can I apply for this program retroactively?

The program is unable to reimburse startups for services paid. You may apply retroactively only for unpaid services, back to April 1, 2023.

How do I find a legal service provider?

We have a list of lawyers registered with the program. You can either apply with your current lawyer and have them submit to be registered, or you can choose from a list available in the program portal.

I want to apply for a service not listed as eligible, what do I do?

You may apply under “other services” when submitting your application, however, it may not be approved.

I already have an existing external IP mentor. Can I apply to Stream 2: Mentorship program with my mentor?

Yes, you can, so long as they are eligible and working at a partner or collaborator organization associated with the program.

Do you accept retroactive applications for Stream 2 & 3?

We do, if the invoices have not yet been paid. We cannot reimburse startups for invoices, the program can only pay service providers directly.

Can I apply to Stream 2-2 Strategy and Stream 3 more than once?

Yes, you may re-apply if you haven’t reached the funding limits of each stream and have new services you’d like to apply for, or if your services will take longer than the suggested time frames to complete.

My application wasn’t successful. Can I reapply?

If your application was unsuccessful, we will give you guidance for next steps. That may include completing more education or strategy work prior to reapplying for the same stream.