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Stream 3: IP Implementation

Implementation: Costs for legal support

Have a strong IP strategy in place? Ready to apply for a patent or trademark? This is the right stream for you. You can apply to have up to $60,000 of the costs of working with a legal service provider covered.

Co-investment is 25% or 10% for startups that are majority Indigenous-owned. The final approval will be based on the quote provided.


  • Startups must meet program eligibility requirements
  • Must be incorporated
  • Must have completed an educational offering from Stream 1 or equivalent
  • Must have a strong IP strategy in place
  • Must have either completed Stream 2 of AccelerateIP or IP Assist, or
    have completed equivalent training, or
    have completed the Stream 1 Startup Certification program / be willing to complete the program, or
    have an in-house IP expert on staff.

Eligible activities include (but are not limited to):

  • IP registration
  • Legal contractual drafting ie: commercialization of IP opportunities
  • Patent applications
  • Patent registration
  • Trademark application
  • Trademark registration
  • Industrial design application
  • Industrial design registration
  • Filing fees

How to apply

To apply, you’ll need to register on the application portal, answer some IP assessment questions, and let us know if you’re already working with a mentor or accelerator organization.

You’ll also need to agree to provide a quote from a legal service provider (we don’t expect you to pay for one!).

Note: If we feel your company might not be ready, we may ask you to complete some education or mentorship and reapply.

Applications are open from April 30, 2024 – May 20, 2024. Review will take place after May 20 by a selection committee.

Stream 3 FAQ

Can my mentor help me with an active IP dispute (litigation)?

No, litigation is not an approved activity for the program.

Does the co-investment have to come from my company? Can it come from another program?

Co-investment must be paid by the startup. We can look at co-investment being paid by another organization on a case-by-case basis – please contact us.

Can I file a patent in the US or internationally or does it have to be only in Canada?

You can apply to have a patent filed internationally or in the US. We prefer that you work with a Canadian lawyer for these filings. US lawyers may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Will the program take an equity in my company or take any ownership of my IP?

No, the program will not take equity or ownership of your IP.

Does my lawyer have to be in the regions of AccelerateIP (BC, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut?)

Your lawyer or legal service provider must be based in Canada and their law firm or patent agency must be currently registered with the program. OR, your legal service provider must apply and be accepted to register with the program. We may accept US service providers on a case by case basis only.

My application wasn’t successful. Can I reapply?

Yes, you might be able to re-apply if your startup is eligible, and you follow the next steps provided by the program and re-apply showing that you demonstrate the gaps outlined in your application.

I already paid a lawyer for implementation support, can I apply for this program retroactively?

No, the program can not reimburse startups for fees already paid to legal service providers. If your invoices are unpaid, you may apply for services from April 1, 2023 onward.

My patent filing may take awhile. Is there a timeframe in which it has to complete to be a part of this program?

We ask that all activities be completed within a six month timeframe to avoid holding funds. If you cannot complete all activities within that period, we invite you to split your application and re-apply.

Are non profit organizations eligible?

Yes, so long as they meet the general eligibility requirements.

Do you accept retroactive applications for Stream 2 & 3?

We do, if the invoices have not yet been paid. We cannot reimburse startups for invoices, the program can only pay service providers directly.

For any other questions you might have about the program contact us at: